Idaho is home to a bounty of treasures: majestic mountains and natural wonders like Craters of The Moon are among its most breathtaking.

And of its most amusing qualities, the clowns and magicians of Idaho infuse magic and joy into Gem State living like no other.


Inspired and determined to foster goodwill and great laughs among Idahoans of all ages, the Clowns of Idaho are your one-stop shop for hilarious entertainment and clowning education—contrary to popular belief, clown college really exists!


A 501(c)(3) registered with the state of Idaho, Clowns of Idaho are on a mission to teach and educate new generations of aspiring clowns and magicians. Interested? Learn more at Clowns of Idaho!

Based off Boise Yelp reviews and word-of-mouth from friends and fellow parents, the following three magicians are the best loved in the Gem State.

1 || Kip Sherry – Boise

Before making it big, Kip Sherry made Boise Music Festival headliner Lady A appear live onstage at a downtown Boise private party. After seeing a photo of him and the famed country ensemble together on his website, I gave him a call and he gave me the full story. With a number of engaging activities and comical bits up his sleeve, kids aged 1-99 will love all Kip Sherry has to offer. For the whole story on his experience with Lady A, ask him about it when you book your party!

2 || Odyssey Learning Adventures – Boise

Odyssey Learning is proud to showcase Master Magicians, math magicians, and dazzling entertainment for corporate events. Many don't realize the rigorous training required to earn the title of Master Magician. Prior to writing this article, I certainly didn't know. Master Magicians are highly trained in the art of illusion, sly of hand, and theater of the mind over thousands of hours of didactic instruction. Some of history's most notable Master Magicians include Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, and Dai Vernon. To learn more about the showman who changed the landscape of magical entertainment, check out Carnival of Illusion's 10 Most Famous Magicians.

PS, while it's true I would've loved making math disappear altogether in grade school, I love the idea of transforming math into magical fun for kiddos. Something as cool as this could have reshaped my opinion of the subject, and maybe even given me the confidence to excel at it. Just a thought...

3 || Magic Man Brad & Balloons - Boise

Magic Man Brad is best known for delivering spectacular school and library magic Shows. Rooted in the belief that magic should be fun and accessible to all, Magic Man Brad is at the ready to entertain and connect with his audience.

Fun fact: for more than a decade, Brad's been ballooning and wowing diners and kids at Texas Roadhouse off Fairview in Meridian on Monday evenings. There with my family this past Monday, Brad cracked us up with his witty puns and jokes as he performed table-side card magic our nine-year-old is still raving about. Her parting souvenir was a red balloon sculpture of a beagle that's still holding its own four days later. Thanks again, Brad.

If these Treasure Valley magicians captured your attention, connect with them ASAP to get your Spring or Summer event on the books!


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