Ladies, it's our time!

During one of our weekly meetings, our promotions director mentioned how we're already under the "99 day countdown." I kind of scratched my head and looked at him funny. He went on to explain that he meant there are less than 100 days left of 2018! I looked at my calendar and realized I'm booked with something happening almost every single weekend remaining in the year.  Some of those events I'm looking forward to.  Others are an absolute time suck that will leave me feeling pretty unfulfilled.  Such is life, right? You have to balance the two!

Well, if you're looking for one of those events to look forward to look no further than the Women Ignite Conference happening October 26-27 at the Boise Centre! The two day conference helps women connect with like minded individuals in the Treasure Valley who are striving to take their businesses to the next level, discusses not losing sight of self-care on that journey and introduces you to new gadgets, tech, etc so that you can embrace them without fear!

A few weeks ago a couple of my girlfriends and I were having a serious conversation about how successful women in the Treasure Valley are perceived.  From personal experience, it seemed to us that other women were intimidated by that success and chose to tear those successful women down rather than build them up and be a cheerleader during their journey.  With all the blood, sweat and tears these women put in to their successes, it's exhausting and difficult to deal with the outside noise.  That's why I'm so excited about Women Ignite.  It's a breath of fresh air to be in a room of nothing but positive women who want to move forward, grow professionally/personally and run the world! Here's three of the big highlights you need to check out at WiCON this year!

1) Dr. Jen Welter

Image via Women Ignite International

Normally when you're watching NFL football, where do you see women? Dressed up in some impractical outfit doing sideline reporting or sitting by their husband's side in a box seat, looking clueless about what's happening on the field. That's not where you saw Dr. Jen Welter! In 2015, you saw her in the trenches coaching linebackers for the Arizona Cardinals as the first female coach in the NFL. After her stint in the NFL, playing football along side the boys as part of the Texas Revolution and 14-year career in women's professional football, Dr. Welter is now committed to increasing access, opportunities and empowerment for women in football. Her keynote speech at WiCON is all about authentic leadership, something that is essential for successful teams in sports, business and the home.

2) A Fashion Show that's #NotWhatYouThink

Image via Women Ignite International

I'd venture to guess that you've never been brought to tears during a fashion show before. That's all going to change if you attend the #NotWhatYouThink WI Fashion Show & BeYOUty Experience.  It's the second year for this show that focuses more on women discovering their own authentic beauty rather than fashion. During the show, three applicants will be given the beauty tools and resources for a self-esteem boosting physical transformation.  We're talking everything from hairstyling to makeup to wardrobe selection, but it's done in a way that really let's each applicant's true self come through.  The inner beauty make over is what's really special.  They'll be coached on affirmations, posture, silencing self-criticizing thoughts (because what woman doesn't deal with that on a daily basis) and ownership of their innate beauty! You'll get to see their before and after results and get to hear about the experience during the show.  A ticket is included with your ticket to the conference!

3) The Panels and Speakers

Image via Women Ignite International

So, you're interested in WiCON but you're not super outgoing.  That's OK! If you're introvert, come to be a sponge in an inclusive environment and take in all the great talks from this year's speakers. Speakers will discus everything from how to get through changes that create fear and uncertainty in you life to how to make sure you're really taking care of yourself while taking care of business to how to use new technologies to grow your brand.  I'm the type of person who will sacrifice sleep for work time and time again (my husband HATES it) so I'm really looking forward seeing how these successful individuals create a work-life balance that works!

Want to join me for WiCON this year? Starting next week, we'll have an opportunity for you to get in to win tickets for you and a girlfriend, co-worker, daughter, husband (hey, it's open to all adult humans...not just the gals,) etc!

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