How far are you willing to go get your child the hottest toy during the upcoming holiday season?

Last Saturday morning, there wasn't much on TV and somehow I got sucked into watching Jingle All the Way 2. For the record, I didn't know this movie existed.  The sequel didn't pick up where the 1996 original left off.  It starred Larry the Cable Guy as a father determined to get his little girl the hottest Christmas toy of the year - a talking teddy bear.  In addition to making his daughter smile, finding it would also be a way to outshine her considerably richer, more put together stepdad who also wanted to surprise her with the bear.

It didn't get great reviews, but families struggling to adapt to having step-parents be part of their dynamic could really relate and the film had an overarching theme of kids come first no matter what. They're the ones that keep the spirit of Christmas alive, so parents will do keep the magic alive for them. Even if that means chasing around a hard to find holiday toy or over paying for it through a third party seller.

Well...we've got some intel on what "that toy" will likely be for Christmas 2019! A few years ago, people lost their minds for Fingerlings - tiny monkeys that wrapped around your finger and would move/make noise when you interacted with them. They sold out everywhere!

For the second time in the past three years, they're expected to be the hot toy that flies off shelves, but this time around its not the monkeys kids will be asking for! These Fingerlings will sing the children's song that you haven't been able to get out of your head for over a year...Baby Shark! Made to look like the title character in the Pink Fong smash, they'll show you some love back when you do things like pretend to feed them or give them kisses like previous versions of the toy...and sing you the song...over and over and over.

It was released in stores on August 7 and earlier this week, we were able to verify through Walmart's website that there were limited quantities (4 or less in most cases) in stock in the Treasure Valley.  By the time we went back and tried to buy one today? SOLD OUT!

The good news? If you want to get a jump start on holiday shopping so you're not facing another potential sell out closer to Christmas, you can still order them for local pick-up and pick them up at the store of your choice in Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Nampa or Caldwell as early as Tuesday, September 3.

BTW...because I'd hate to see you get swindled, the regular retail price of these little guys is $14.84. They're available through third party sellers for up to as $34 right now. Don't spend more than you have to to get your hands on them.

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