It's like the world's worst blind date, except the whole world was watching.

President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama sat down at the White House on Thursday in their first-ever face-to-face meeting, as the two men took part in the transfer of power (something not everyone supports) as the country -- the entire planet, really -- brace for a new regime that is likely going to cost you some Facebook friends. The two men chatted for about an hour and appeared cordial and diplomatic while talking briefly with the press afterward, but you'd have to think their confrontation meeting was as frosty as the snowman.

The two men have exchanged jabs on the campaign trail in recent months and Trump, of course, infamously said Obama was not born in the U.S.

So, yeah, while they put on brave faces, we're pretty sure Trump won't be calling Obama for advice anytime soon.

Photos of the two men talking to the press painted an amicable scene, but the shot below caught our eye. Obama is looking into the distance, like he's reminding himself to call the moving company to help him head for Nova Scotia in January. Trump, meanwhile, sports a devilish grin while holding up his index finger. And that got us thinking: what would a caption of Trump's thoughts be? Here are just a few ideas (note some of the NSFW content).

Donald Trump, Barack Obama
Getty Images

1. "One. One copy of his birth certificate is all I want to see.”

2. “This isn’t the finger I gave him when we first met, believe me.”

3. “What SPF do I use to get this fantastic hue? One. It’s the best. That’s why it’s number one. And, as you know, I only use the best.”

4. “Come on, be honest. You know this finger isn’t small.”

5. “What place did I finish in the election?”

6. “I’m going to knock down one wall and replace it with a giant picture of me.”

7. “Obama’s only had one wife. What a loser.”

8. “How many races should there be in the U.S.?”

9. “Throwing anything Obama has ever touched in this house out the window is my first order of business.”

10. “I told him this is the finger to use when you wanna grab ‘em.”

11. “The ejector seat I’m going to put in will make him go up there.”

12. “What amendment do I plan on abolishing first?”

13. “You see a glass ceiling? Up there? I don’t.”

14. "On a scale of 1-10, this is what I'd rate Michelle."

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