Sometimes all you have the time or money for is a little day trip. Luckily, Idaho has endless places to explore in just one day! Here are the 10 Best Day Trips in Idaho.

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  • Getty Images/ David McNew
    Getty Images/ David McNew

    City of Rocks

    Located 3 hours outside of Boise near the Utah/Idaho border, City of Rocks National Reserve is a breathtaking day trip with super cool rock formations and streams that look straight out of a fairy tale.

  • Credit: Theo Wargo, Getty Images
    Credit: Theo Wargo, Getty Images

    Colter's Creek Vineyard


    This is a 5 hour drive from Boise to Central/ Northern Idaho, so you may want to stay overnight, but it is a gorgeous vineyard where you can do some wine tasting at 308 Main Street. Juliaetta, ID 83535. The restaurant that sits adjacent to the vineyard is also supposedly Idaho food at its best and you can purchase refillable wine bottles!

  • Getty Images/ Jack Taylor
    Getty Images/ Jack Taylor

    Magical Ricks Gardens


    A 4 hour drive outside of Boise, these botanical gardens on the grounds of BYU-Idaho showcase acres of fountains, flowerbeds, and waterfalls.

  • Getty Images/ Hulton Archive
    Getty Images/ Hulton Archive

    The Ghost Town of Bayhorse

    Ghost Towns are always so much fun. In the 1860's Bayhorse ( nearly 5 hour drive outside of Boise) was a bustling little town of about 300-500 people, but today it is vacant with a weathered downtown, a hotel, and homes all abandoned. The city was locked in 2006 and became a state park.

  • Getty Images/ Brent Stirton
    Getty Images/ Brent Stirton

    Boulder City

    This beautiful lake trail sits right above Ketchum (a 3 hour drive from Boise) you can follow long steep trails around the mountain. It's a great place to camp, ride 4-wheelers, and discover amazing waterfalls and the beautiful Boulder Lake.

  • Getty Images/ Brent Stirton
    Getty Images/ Brent Stirton

    Salmon River Scenic Byway

    Full of history and hot springs, this drive through Central Idaho is Idaho wilderness at its very best.

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    Big Springs

    Island Park

    The largest natural hot spring in the state, Big Springs has been named a National Natural Landmark. 120 millions of gallons of water spout out of the ground to create a spot like you've never seen before.

  • Getty Images/ Ian Tyas
    Getty Images/ Ian Tyas

    Idaho City

    Idaho's Wild West Town, you can dress up in saloon gear, sleep in a yurt, and take a tour of the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway.

  • Getty Images/ Joe Raedle
    Getty Images/ Joe Raedle

    Bear World


    This one is totally on my bucket list to do this summer with the kiddos. Does it get any better than feeding adorable baby bears?!

  • Getty Images/ NASA/Handout
    Getty Images/ NASA/Handout

    Center of the Universe


    I've always thought it was so funny how this spot in Wallace, Idaho claims to be the "Center of the Universe!" Here you'll find lots of cool wooded trails, zip lines, and museums.

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