2021 just keeps getting better! Zoo Boise just announced that several of their most beloved exhibits are re-opening and one of them gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal with hundreds of rare butterflies! 

Have your kids done a butterfly kit project in school yet?  The teacher gets a cup of caterpillars in what looks like a greenish-brown goop. Eventually they make a little cocoon and attach themselves to the top of the cup. She puts them into the butterfly habitat and the class waits patiently for pretty butterflies to emerge. After raising them for a little while, your kids' teacher eventually set them free and the kids were crushed watching them fly away.

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Well, here's an opportunity to put a smile back on the face of your butterfly loving minis! Zoo Boise's "Butterflies in Bloom" exhibit is now open through Labor Day! During the exhibit you get to walk through a greenhouse filled with close to 30 varieties of rare, Costa Rican butterflies that have been known to land and rest on visitors. These butterflies glisten with every color of the rainbow. Vibrant oranges, pops of yellow, bright blues and deep pruples. There's even one type called the "Glasswing" that's wings are look almost like a clear stained glass window boarded in a blood red shade. Talk about a cool photo-op right?!

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What's even cooler is that by visiting Zoo Boise and the exhibit you're helping preserve the tropical rainforests in Costa Rica where butterfly farmers raise these beautiful insects. The conservation fee paid with your zoo admission is how it happens. Butterfly farming helps provide a livable wage to these farmers in Costa Rica, so it's a really cool, feel good, 360 degree experience for everyone!

Butterflies in Bloom is included in regular zoo admission and is open daily from 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

In addition to opening the greenhouse where the butterflies will call home this summer, the zoo has also re-opened the Penguin Pavilion, Bat House, African Schoolhouse and E.O. Wilson Science Center. These exhibits have been closed as part of their COVID-19 safety precautions.

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