Normally, when we hear that someone's planning to renovate one of Idaho's historic homes we get a lump in our throat. As Idaho continues to grow, we're scared that the charm of some of Idaho's historic homes will be erased. 

That's why we LOVE what happened in the tiny Eastern Idaho town of Menan, Idaho. It was featured on the wildly popular "For the Love of Old Houses" Facebook Page when it hit the market for $425,000 in April. According to that listing, it's been standing in the tiny Eastern Idaho town since 1898. Back then, Menan had a population of less than 300 residents and this was the home of the town's banker.

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When it last sold in February 2018 for $185,000, the house had clearly seen some better days and the family that bought it decided to fully restore it to it's former glory. It was a project that turned a lot of heads in what's now a town of around 800. People would stop by and share stories of how their grandfather helped haul the stone for it from quarry or how family members took piano lessons there.

What I found interesting is that there were a handful of really hateful comments about the remodel on the "For the Love of Old Houses" Facebook page. Some thought the remodel was too white and sterile. Others didn't like the lack of landscaping. To that effect, one commenter who was familiar with the property explained that when the family who restored it purchased it the yard was overgrown with wild rosebushes and extremely tall trees. They cleaned it up so future owners could have a blank slate to work with.

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I'm going to guess that the folks who didn't find this house as gorgeous as we did, didn't see the "before" pictures of the renovation from the last time the home was listed. Because if they had? They would've seen that it was truly atrocious looking before that 2018 sale! Don't believe me? Take a look around!

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