$30,000?! $9 per square foot?! Touché Nampa housing market. You've got our attention, but you can imagine why we're thinking this is too good to be true. 

While $30,000 is the current asking price, there should be a giant asterisks next to it. We had to do some digging into figuring exactly what the deal was with 623 N Happy Valley Rd in Nampa. When it was listed for $499,000 in June 2020, the listing mentioned that the City of Nampa was planning on widening Happy Valley Rd. The two bedroom, three bathroom 3,280 square foot home didn't sell that time around.

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It was listed again by a different agent last month for $85,000. Why the dramatic price drop? Turns out the house needs to be moved to a destination of the next buyer's choice. While the new listing doesn't mention anything about the widening project, we can only assume that it's because the lot likely won't be there in the future.

But wait! There's more to the story that eventually gets us to that $30,000 price tag. Turns out the home can be purchased as one home for $85,000 or divided into two separate one bedroom, one bedroom homes. The $30,000 asking price is for the smaller home that's been used as a $1200 a month rental property.

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So yeah. You can buy a home in this insane housing market for $30,000 but there's a BIG catch. If you're a history buff, it may be worthy it though! The new listing agent says that this property, originally built in 1947, used to be a dance hall and was remodeled into a home. Whoever spearheaded the renovations did a great job, because the inside of the home is really cute! Looking at the photos of the larger of what could be two homes, you can definitely tell where the dance floor used to be.

We tried to dig through to internet to find what the name of the dance hall was but came up empty handed. If you're a long term Nampa native and know, by all means shoot us an e-mail and let us know. If this property intrigued you as much as it intrigued us, scroll down to take a look around.

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