Tucker Carlson is the top-rated show at Fox News and in all of cable television. It's not unusual for the Fox News show to beat sporting events and dramas on cable. Carlson has been the target of the left and has been highly critical of their plans and certain Republicans.

Monday night Tucker aimed his criticism at Idaho Republican US Senator Jim Risch. Senator Risch has been in demand by every cable network for his thoughts on the Ukraine/Russia crisis. The senator is the only senator on the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees.

"Jim Risch is a moron masquerading as a US Senator,' said Carlson last night on his show. The issue of dispute was Senator Risch's comments concerning Russia being nothing more than a giant gas station masquerading as a country. The Fox News host's point was that we as a country do not want to push Russia further into the arms of the Chinese.

Tucker invited the senator to appear on his program and at the time of this writing he has not accepted the invitation.  Social media is on fire with many folks agreeing with Tucker Carlson.  On the other hand, it only matters what the people of Idaho think will impact Senator Risch.

Tucker points out the senator has backed folks like the Saudis and other dictatorships.  He believes that Senator Risch is being hypocritical by saying we back democracies and not dictatorships.  However, it has long been our foreign policy to back dictatorships that serve our national security interests.

Carlson also says that Risch wants war because he's backed by defense contractors.  Do these contractors only contribute to Senator Risch?  Of course not, they donate to all politicians who they believe have influence.  Senator Risch is the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

You can watch the entire clip above and then vote on whether or not Tucker went too far.  The clip begins at 14:28.

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