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Although the state of Idaho was one of the few states in our region not to institute a statewide mask mandate, the Idaho Legislature will now decide whether or not to make future mandates illegal in Idaho. Echoing the sentiments of the majority of Idahoans, the House State of Affairs Committee voted to advance the bill to the full House.

West Ada Parents Opt Out of Mask Mandate

West Ada Parents lining up to get their kids out of wearing a mask during the school year.

The vote to eliminate the mask mandates followed party-line votes, reports KTVB. The Republicans voted to end the orders to no one's surprise, while the Democrats voted to keep them. The legislature has attempted to pass a bill banning mask mandates during last year's multiple sessions.

Governor Little did not follow the examples of liberal governors in Washington and Oregon who instituted indoor and outdoor mask mandates. The governor allowed local cities and counties to make those calls during the height of the pandemic. Governor Little admitted during multiple media appearances that Idahoans wouldn't have followed such an order if it was ever issued.

Idaho Patriots made national headlines by burning masks at the state capitol and Boise City Hall. Activists have taken to talk radio and social media, declaring that mask mandates are unconstitutional. The country is now seeing many states governed by liberals eliminating mask mandates. The Biden Administration is sticking to maintaining mask mandates as long as the CDC backs them up.

The Boise School District will consider allowing masks to be optional during their upcoming meeting this Monday. Most Idahoans believe that the end of mask mandates is a welcome sign that a normal return is just around the corner.

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