Could Boise require folks to once again where masks indoors? The Centers for Disease Control has recommended that folks wear masks indoors. The CDC says the guidance is because of the rising Covid rates in Idaho.  

Boise is not the only area where the CDC wants residents to wear masks indoors.  The Idaho Statesman shares that Ada, Elmore, Valley, and Lewis Counties are now the area where Idahoans should wear masks indoors. It will be interesting to see the reaction to the CDC recommendation from Central District Health and the City of Boise.

Mask wearing was a massive point of contention during the early days of the Covid pandemic. Several groups organized mask-burning events that gained national attention. The groups took to the airwaves, social media, and other outlets, saying that masks were a form of government control.

Some late-night comedians took to the airwaves making fun of the Idaho mask-burning events. Idaho Governor Brad Little did not issue a statewide mask mandate contrary to several states in our region. Another big question is, will Boise again demand that businesses like restaurants and gyms require folks to wear masks indoors? The city threatened businesses with revoking their business license if they didn't enforce the city mask mandate.  

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