Mask mandates are sensitive issues in our state. Idaho activities received extensive national media coverage for burning masks in response to city mandates during the beginning stages of the pandemic. One Idaho city councilwoman is concerned that her city is not enforcing its mask mandate.  


City Councilwoman Amanda Breen told KTVB that she doesn't want the 'mask police to enforce the ordinance; she is concerned that businesses and citizens are not doing enough to adhere to Ketchum's Mask Policy.  The policy, which was passed in September, fines someone $100.00 for not wearing their mask in public.    

She had hoped that the city would've been more proactive during the holidays. Ketchum is one of the West's top winter tourism attractions due to the Sun Valley Ski Resort. Some folks in the city seem to reflect the view of Idaho Governor Brad Little, who didn't force a statewide mask mandate. Little told anyone who would listen that Idahoans would rebel against the state, telling them to wear masks.  

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean did enforce a mask mandate that the Boise Police Department implemented. Boise businesses were threatened with losing their business license if those mask ordinances weren't enforced. Several activists stormed Boise businesses as a result of their compliance with McLean's orders.

According to several event organizers, Boise has stricter outdoor ordinances than the CDC. Despite the stricter rules, there hasn't been anyone cited or arrested that we know of at the time of this writing.  Back to Ketchum, KTVB reports that the city council will meet on January 18th.  

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