The pandemic has been perfect for the state of Idaho. The state was the fastest-growing state in the country, and while some experts believe the migration of remote workers supercharged Idaho's growth, have you ever considered why so many people are moving to our state?

Researchers at Boise State University have looked into various factors that motivated the migration to the Gem State. As first reported by the Deseret News, BSU published their 2022 Idaho Public Policy Survey to answer those questions of why so many are moving here.  

The Issues That Every Idahoan Cares About!

Here are the biggest issues that every Idahoan considers to be the most important to them.

You can read the entire report here.

Boise Residents Are Abandoning the Treasure Valley for These 15 Appealing Cities

Stacker recently put together a list of which cities people are moving to when they leave Boise. We dug into some of the Niche data for those cities to try and figure out why they're more appealing than our little neck of the woods. Home prices come from Rent stats come from the most recent rental rate information available on (except Pocatello, they didn't give that figure so the rate quoted is from Niche.)

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