One Idaho fireworks retailer is so backlogged already that they had to cut off the fireworks orders, and it's only mid-June!  If you don't buy early, you're probably going to miss out.

We've endured our share of shortages over the past year and now with fireworks supplies dwindling, we've got to make room for a shortage of those too.

There is a huge demand right now for noise and lights to celebrate the lifting of the pandemic, and the urge to light a fuse is creating pressure on fireworks supplies.  That, coupled with shipping delays overseas, and it's creating a perfect storm that may mean there will be no smokers or sparklers in your backyard this summer.

The Idaho State Legislature says, "(1) Nonaerial common fireworks may be sold at retail and used beginning at midnight June 23, and ending at midnight July 5."  But it's not looking great.

Boise vendors like Fat City Fireworks haven't mentioned an official shortage just yet, but we're still a little bit ahead of the season.  The word is starting to spread about potential delays and short supplies, and well, we know what that did to toilet paper.

About advanced orders, Idaho's Wholesale Fireworks issued this warning:

Due to an overwhelming demand of fireworks and our current backlog of unprocessed online orders, online orders placed after 11:59pm EST 6/3/2021 will not be processed at this time.  We will inform and update everyone through our website, email newsletter and social media once we are able to start processing online orders again.  Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Fireworks in Backyard

So why is all of this happening?  Shipping containers holding fireworks are stuck overseas, and that is creating huge delays everywhere, from Minnesota to Texas.  Idaho is not the only state waiting on the shipping containers to get unstuck, and no one really knows how much of the usual supply will be available when fireworks officially go on sale here on June 23rd.  Some suppliers are saying they have 30 percent less in stock this year, and when you factor in the increased demand it's not hard to see that not everyone who wants fireworks will get them.  The advice is to buy early if possible.

The fireworks that are allowed in Boise are generally small, like ground spinners, fountains, sparklers, smoke devices, and snakes.  Those may be easier to find than some of the bigger ones nationwide, if they're not still sitting on a palette somewhere five thousand miles away, that is.

If you miss out on backyard fireworks, there's always a Boise Hawks game.  They've got fireworks after the game on June 26, July 3, and July 4.

Just like toilet paper, fireworks will eventually make a comeback.  We just hope it's in time for the 4th of July.

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