We do these online articles also known as blogs.  So I got to wondering, what the heck is a blog?  An actual blog is supposed to be a reverse chronological online post. OK, whatever.

Then I got to wondering where did the word blog come from.  It sounds like something from the "Wizard of Id."  After much research, basically the first three links from Google that weren't ads, I found out that in 1997 Jorn Barger in 1997 on a site called "Robot Wisdom" came up with the word.

At first it was short for We Blog, but too many people didn't understand blog so it got changed to be a shortened version of Web Log. OK, those on the internet at that time understood.  BTW, back then the internet speed was about 56k....per year and was over the phone line.  You wouldn't have been able to play Pong let alone any other online game. We used to play Pong for hours, but we were easily entertained. (Just look at "Howard the Duck")

Now you know the history of blog.

Kevin Mee