If you are one of the many of us with seasonal allergies, this year has likely been especially severe.  It seems everyone I know with allergies is feeling the pain and there is one likely culprit.  


Yes, there are all sorts of flowers and trees in bloom right now, especially with our warm temperatures over the last few weeks, but the words offender right now is the beloved Cottonwood trees.

Being the City of Trees, we have more than our fair share of Cottonwoods, especially along  the Boise River.  You haven't been imagining it either, the pollen count has been unusually high recently.  Other prime offenders include Juniper and Maples too.

How do you survive the seasonal discomfort?  Staying inside, getting current prescriptions, and maybe even taking the step of allergy shots are recommended solutions.

You can get more from the Idaho Statesman HERE.

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