"I love spring...said no one with allergies ever."

That's the caption I put on a photo of my right arm broken out in hives after spending some time on the Boise Greenbelt on Tuesday afternoon.  Like thousands of you, I have horrible seasonal allergies.  When I'm near fresh cut grass, I can barely breathe, break out into hives and can't control my itchy, watery eyes.  I can take all the allergy meds in the world, but they just seem to get worse year after year! It's absolutely miserable.

That's why I literally was angry when I stumbled across a headline reading "Complain all you want, but the Inland Northwest doesn't have it that bad for allergies." Excuse me?! That's a pretty bold statement. We allergy sufferers are dying over here in Boise!

Unfortunately, the article has science on its side.  The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America just released its rankings of the most challenging places to live with spring allergies in 2018.  Boise didn't rank in the Top 10. We didn't rank in the Top 20.  In fact, we ranked 98 out of the 100 cities on the list.  In the study, Boise ranked "better than average" for pollen score and the number of medicine being used per allergy patient.  We ranked "average" in the number of board-certified allergists per allergy patient in our metro.

So there you go, according to science we could have it worse if we lived in another part of the country.  That's a silver lining.

...but I still don't believe it. And I demand a recount. ::achoo::

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