Another game is upon us! After a basically blow out win against UTEP, BSU is looking good and ready to take on Oklahoma. Oklahoma has never played on The Blue. The last time the two teams faced off it was in their territory and Broncos came home having taken an L. No doubt home field advantage bodes well for Boise State, but what are the superstitions you abide by to make sure they win?

When it comes to the NFL, I'm an Eagles fan. And before 2018, my beloved team had never won a Super Bowl Championship. In playoff games leading up to their eventual victory, I did not actually watch the games. I was in another room just refreshing the score on my phone. Each time the game ended with an Eagles victory. So as to not disrupt the good juju, my superstitious self and my husband agreed that I would not watch the big game. And I didn't. I simply kept refreshing the score while away from any TVs. Boom! Eagles became Super Bowl champions over the Tom Brady led Patriots.

So what superstitious thing do you do that will ensure our BSU Broncos come out of this game toting a W? Is there a game day meal you absolutely have to eat? Do you have an old jersey you were wearing during an iconic victory that brings luck? Do you recreate viewing situations from previous victories, like everyone has to sit in a certain spot at a certain venue? I was at the Cafe Rio on Broadway during the tailgate for last week's game and they won. Guess where I'm going to be for the tailgate of this BSU vs Oklahoma game.

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