Courtesy of Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Courtesy of Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I might have told you that life has been a little weird lately.  March 3 I had to have a toenail removed as fall out from the Portland Marathon last Fall (it’s very painful by the way).  Then my back goes out because I’m walking funny due to my toenail.  Then I get a sinus infection (all our kids got sick) on our vacation and had to come home early.  You’d think I’d be done with the weirdness and ready for some normalcy.  Umm, no.

Sunday morning was perfect!  The sun was shining and I was making coffee, checking my email when all of a sudden, there it was.  It was so shocking, it caused me to drop the coffee pot and scream a little “WHAT!”

A year and half a go I lost my mother very suddenly to colon cancer.  She had been married to my father for 44 years.  It was the saddest day of my life and has changed me forever.

My father has had a tough year, but last October he decided he wanted to date again and joined and of course, I was very supportive.  I wanted him to meet people and gain new friends and experiences.

He’s been very busy and we’ve tried to get him to come visit for Thanksgiving, New Years, you name it but he’s just said he was too busy.  Now I know why.

He has a girlfriend.  They’ve been dating for a couple months.  Last week, they went to Las Vegas and got married.  I don’t know this woman; I didn’t know her name until last week when my sister-in-law told me.  My father never called to tell me anything about this woman, that he was dating, that he wants to sell the house or that he was getting married.

He’s going to be 76 years old this year.  He’s entitled to live his life however he chooses, but to leave his family out of such an important event is beyond words.  And to find out via a very business like email, is so confusing and very hurtful.  Or, am I wrong. 

Should I just go about my business or should I confront my father (I’m thinking about flying to Portland) or just let it go hoping he wants to share more about this woman with us?  Please feel free to comment.  I don’t know what to think at this point but I need to figure it out.  All I can say right now is, WOW!

Make it a healthy day!


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