What time is it in PyeongChang anyway?

For me, trying to figure out the time difference between the Treasure Valley and PyeongChang has been one of the most difficult parts about this year's Winter Olympics.  Between bobsled, skiing, snowboarding and women's hockey, Idaho's got a handful of athletes at the games and I just want to watch them compete.

The official Olympic website makes it easy to find out what time an event is happening in your time zone, but you've got to remember that South Korea is 16 hours ahead ahead of the Mountain time zone.  When you're checking the schedule, you'll have to pick a day ahead of today's date to see what events are live that day.  The cool part of these games? That means a lot of the action we see during prime time on KTVB is actually happening in real time since the evening here is the middle of the afternoon in PyeongChang.

That means you'll have a chance to watch Sun Valley's Hilary Knight play for the Team USA's women's hockey team LIVE this evening! The ladies are scheduled to take the ice against Canada in a Group A preliminary round tonight at 8:10 p.m. MT. A win tonight means Knight and Team USA will advance to the quarter finals for a chance to play for medal in the upcoming playoff rounds.

Knight is back for her third Olympic games and hopes to take home an Olympic gold that eluded Team USA in the 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi games.  The United States Olympic team took home silver both of those years, falling to Canada in the finals.

Knight's had a great tournament so far, helping lead the team's comeback win against Finland with an assist on the go-ahead goal.

NOTE: The game will NOT be part of NBC's primetime coverage tonight, but will be broadcast live on NBCSN. That's channel 220 on DirecTV, 159 on Dish Network and 137 or 1137 on Cable One.

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