The excitement for the Winter Olympics is at an all-time high at my house. We spend every evening watching skiing, curling, figure skating, and bobsled racing.  We felt terrible for Mikaela Shiffrin, but we'll be cheering her on in the downhill.

It was in 2010 when Team USA first won Olympic Gold in the Women's Downhill when America fell in love with Lindsey Vonn.  Afterward, she became an icon, but it was an Idahoan that inspired her to become the skier that we know today.  She spent the last year filming and interviewing that special Idahoan to create an Olympic documentary that is available to watch now on Peacock.

Back in the day, we would cheer on Team USA's skiing teams led by Idaho's own Picabo Street for years. She won a silver medal in 1994's Women's Downhill competition in Lillehammer and won the 1998 Super G in Nagano. She retired after the 2002 Olympics after a disappointing finish in Salt Lake City.

Picabo Street
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Idaho celebrated her success by naming an expert run after her in Sun Valley in 1994. She's been a spokesperson for brands like Mountain Dew, she's appeared on American Gladiators and Sesame Street and became one of the most recognizable Olympians of her generation, thanks in part to her unique name.

As the Winter Olympics get closer, the Olympic Channel is fueling the excitement with programming about past Olympians and thrilling moments. As part of their Five Rings Films series, fellow Olympian Lindsey Vonn tells the story of her childhood hero, Picabo Street.

Picabo Street
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The feature-length doc will talk about her childhood in Idaho and will even discuss her 2015 arrest. The crew behind this film has credits in the Michael Jordan film, The Last Dance, and even action movies like Indiana Jones and the Bourne Identity.

"Picabo" is available for streaming now on Peacock.

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