A possible road rage killing is being investigated by the Canyon County Sheriff's Department. The shooting took place Friday afternoon on 20/26, according to a release from the Canyon County Sheriff's Department. Road Rage shootings nationally have been on the rise in recent years.  

Awkward Hospitality Ends Idaho Road Rage Fight

In a strange brawl on the streets of the Treasure Valley, some sort of road rage incident has the internet laughing out loud at how awkward things were brought to a close.

It isn't often that we see much serious road rage here in the Treasure Valley. Perhaps an occasional "flying of the bird" or an explicative yelled--for the most part, the lack of real traffic in Boise and our overall "slower" pace of life keeps everyone calm. This brawl seems to be an exception to the rule, at one point, one of the fighting men says to "go back to Washington". It's the END of the fight that has everyone online LAUGHING...maybe it's just some good old fashioned Idaho Hospitality?

The Wall Street Journal reports the findings of a new study that reveals road rage shootings have risen sharply. The study from Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund. Forty-Four people were shot per month in road rage shootings across the county, some of them killed. The study says that someone is shot or killed every seventeen hours.  

"From 2016 to 2019, around one-third of road-rage incidents involving a gun resulted in injury or death. That translated to under 300 people for each of those years. In 2021, it was nearly two-thirds or more than 500 people." 

Canyon County released the details of the fatal shooting. The victim was a 32-year-old male found in his car and shot to death. A suspect from Caldwell was taken into custody by the Canyon County Sheriff's Office. The individual is fifty-seven years old and didn't know the victim. Authorities are investigating whether or not there was a road rage incident or another type of altercation that led to the fatality. 

"This was a tragic incident," stated Sheriff Kieran Donahue. "My office will continue working tonight and throughout the weekend to discern all the facts and gather the necessary evidence. At this time, we are confident there is no additional threat to the public." 

What is Road Rage?

The Wall Street Journal's Elisabeth Bernstein writes an excellent personal observation article on surviving road rage.  She's detailed on the government defines road rage according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

"NHTSA defines road rage as an intentional assault with a motor vehicle or weapon that occurs on the road or that started on the road. It’s a criminal offense. Aggressive driving is the broader term the agency uses for a pattern of driving that puts other people in danger, such as following another car too closely, weaving through traffic or driving much faster than the rest of traffic."

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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