Not going to lie. I'm extremely jealous of Santa right now! 

Why? Because he's getting ready to start doing customized videos for all the good little girls and boys in the Treasure Valley as part of the virtual St. Alphonsus Festival of Trees! In preparing to do that, he's gotten to go behind the scenes at the former Gordman's on Eagle Road which is where businesses and organizations have been hard at work decorating their trees for this year's event. He's been posting sneak peak shots of some of the trees as they come together and they look SPECTACULAR! (Especially the Wonder Woman one that's got a bunch of Funko Pops adorning it's branches!)

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If you can't wait to see the trees yourself, you're in luck! The Festival of Trees team has started uploading photos of the beautiful trees in a gallery located HERE. If one catches your eye, you'll be able to place your bid for one or purchase other holiday decor starting Thursday, November 19. The festival wraps up on November 30 so that the new trees can make it to their new homes in time to be the centerpiece of the Christmas celebration!

Oh, and those videos with Santa I mentioned? You can still arrange one for your child HERE! They're $25 and will run 3-5 minutes in length.

Funds raised through this year's Festival of Trees will benefit St. Al's programs that have been hit especially hard by COVID-19.


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