The Sorting Hat has spoken! This week, a post has gone viral that sorted every state in the country into a Hogwarts House.

The problem? As a Harry Potter fan, I disagree with almost every decision this list made. I'm not going to let it slide, it must be addressed. Especially when it comes to Idaho.

Photo by: Potterverse on YouTube and Harry Potter Clips on YouTube
Photo by: Potterverse on YouTube and Harry Potter Clips on YouTube

My first thought was this must have been made by someone who has never read nor watched Harry Potter, or someone who has never heard of any of the states in America.

I then thought maybe it was a scam. Someone who just threw a random list together trying to go viral. It happens. But, no that's not it, either.

It turns out, to make this list, USDISH used some serious data. According to their website, they used Google Trends to see which house was searched the most in each state for the past five years.

They also conducted polls with Harry Potter fans who had taken the Wizarding World quiz. Typically, you don't take that if you're not a Harry Potter fan and know your stuff. So, my ideas were incorrect. This data may actually be sound.

To properly place these states into Hogwarts Houses, it's important we understand all of the Houses in Hogwarts. What does it mean to be put in Gryffindor? What kind of people are in Hufflepuff? What traits do Ravenclaws typically have? Are all Slytherins evil?

Here's a breakdown of the four Hogwarts Houses and some famous wizards from each. This way, we can have more confidence in where each state belongs. Let's check it out before getting to the states and their results.

attachment-Harry Potter Official Featured Image of Hogwarts

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses

Let's take a quick dive into each Hogwarts House and what they value and who their notable members are. Once we understand the Houses, it should be fairly easy for us to sort all of the Boise Music Festival artists into their assigned House.
Harry Potter
Via Unsplash

When all was said and done putting the data together, only 3 states were put into Gryffindor, 5 were Hufflepuff, 16 were Ravenclaw, and a majority of states were Slytherin, at 27.

This was a bit of a head scratcher as it seems odd that more than half the states in the country would be Slytherin. Certainly, there has to be more disparity than that. Are we that bad of a country?

I decided I would examine some of the states closest to Idaho and break down their placement. Now, I would never doubt the Sorting Hat, so I'll try to rationalize the decision. However, I will tell you I do not agree with Idaho's placement.

Let's take a look at some states in close proximity to Idaho and see what we think. We'll be breaking down the results for Idaho, California, Utah, Washington, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. It's time for the Sorting Hat to speak.

Photo by: Tuyen Vo on Unsplash
Photo by: Tuyen Vo on Unsplash

Viral Post Sorted States Into Hogwarts Houses--Do We Agree With Idaho's Placement?

A post recently went viral for putting states into Hogwarts Houses but...I don't agree with a lot of their placements. Let's check it out.
Photo by: Potterverse on YouTube and Cort Freeman on Canva
Photo by: Potterverse on YouTube and Cort Freeman on Canva

I believe in Idaho. I know we can turn around our image and start making national headlines for positive happenings. Right now, however, that's not the case. Maybe next year we can truly deserve a Hufflepuff placement.

Better yet, maybe we'll be ready to move into Gryffindor. That would be a major jump. For the full list and to see where every state was placed check out the list on USDISH.

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