Utah has a reputation as one of the most stalwart conservative states. The state has been well represented by national leaders who've led the nation in conservative thought and guidance. Like Idaho, Utah has a diverse population with its own unique political beliefs. Have you ever thought about which city has the most conservatives? Or liberals?

Suppose you're wondering about Idaho's liberal cities. In that case, you can find our list here. Conservatives can check out Idaho's top ten towns here. Now that we've determined where people in Idaho live based on politics, what about Utah?  

Once again, we travel back to the year 2019 when are friends at Roadsnacks complied the most recent political data on Utahans. Did they just make up the criteria? No the list that we're about to share was based on Republicans registered to vote, the number of contributions contributed per capita, and the money donated by Republicans per capita.  

Utah's 10 Most Conservative Towns

A top 10 guide to Utah's most conservative towns.

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