Ensign Austin Mickelson grew up in a military family.  His grandfather was in the Army during the Korean War, and his uncle was in the Army during the 1980s. And now he's applying the lessons he learned from his Boise parents as he rises through the ranks in the Navy.

As parents, we just hope we're instilling good values in our kids and giving them great launching pads for the future.  Some days are easier than others for sure.  But just when we think the kids aren't listening and we're not having much of an impact, we hear great stories like this and we can't help but share.

Boise's Ernest and Elizabeth Mickelson have helped their son develop the skills to become a naval supply officer.  Austin says supply is essential for the Navy, and "Nothing gets done without the parts they need. It's an honor to provide for the critical mission, and I enjoy providing for other people's needs.”

He credits his parents with teaching him the importance of hard work and integrity.  And evidently, they've been successful with instilling gratitude too.  Austin says, "After college, I didn't want to miss the chance to serve my country, because I've always been thankful for those who serve.”

Austin had the opportunity to learn leadership and innovative tactics of naval supply at Navy Supply Corps School in Newport, Rhode Island.   He's a 2016 graduate of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

Nice work, Michelsons!  You are more proof that Boise is full of good people who are having an impact on the world.

And for the rest of us parents, apparently, we need to stay the course and know that the positive ways that we impact our kids will stick with them for life.  Soon they'll be making the Treasure Valley proud too.

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