Do I want to watch the Patriots win another Super Bowl this year? No, no I do not.  That's why I'm cheering for former Boise State Bronco, Jay Ajayi and the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Before you call me a band wagon Eagles fan, understand that it's not hard for me to want to cheer for a former Boise State player who's not actually on a team I regularly cheer for.  In full disclosure, my NFL team is the Cleveland know, the team that went 0-16 this year? There wasn't much for us to cheer for all season.  I need something to believe in when it comes to professional football and in the case of the big game on February 4, Jay is that something.

Plus, Browns fans don't love Bill Belichick.  Over 18 years, he's been beyond successful with the New England Patriots, finishing every single season above 500 and winning 5 Superbowls during his time there.  But the five years he coached for us? We only had one season over 500. As a faithful Browns Backer, I'll never cheer for a team that Belichick coaches.

It doesn't seem like I'm alone backing Jay! There's an unexpected celebrity cheering for the Eagles this year. We were able to catch an exclusive interview with them as to why they want to "fly Eagles" this year.  Check it out in the video below!

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