If you find yourself looking forward to things unpleasant things like jury duty or doctor’s appointments because they’ll take you away from your job, you may be experiencing burnout. It sounds like YOU deserve a vacation. We found one not far from Boise that is truly out of this world! 

Last year, the average American left 4.6 vacation days on the table. We get it. Sometimes working ahead so that you can truly unplug from responsibilities during your vacation is so stressful, that you wonder “is this even worth it?” 

It is. According to a study done at Stanford, your productivity starts to decline when you hit a 50-hour work week and plummets after 55. The World Health Organization’s research showed that those working 55+ hours a week had a significantly higher risk of stroke and death from heart disease than those working 35-40 hours. Our bodies simply aren’t built to handle the workloads we’ve taken on. You need the break for your own good!

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Take this as a sign that you should use those unused vacation days for a road trip to the Oregon Coast with a stop in Brush Prairie, Washington along the way! Why Brush Prairie? Because that’s where you’ll find this incredibly unique UFO Airbnb! It’s less than a seven-hour drive from Boise.


Brush Prairie is less than 40 minutes away from Portland where you can check out the craft beer scene, kayak down the Willamette River, take a spin on the 400 miles of bikeways in and around the city, scarf down with some VooDoo Doughnuts or enjoy some incredible art and music. After an interstellar night or two in the UFO, you can continue on to the Oregon Coast. Cannon Beach and Rockaway Beach are about two hours away. 

Want to see your futuristic vacation home? Check it out! 

Out of This World UFO Home is Perfect for Vacationing Boise Nerds

Located less than 7 hours from Boise, this unique spaceship home in Brush Prairie, Washington is a perfect place for nerdy families to stay on the way to the Oregon Coast!

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