You wouldn't know it by looking at the store shelves at stores like Costco, Fred Meyer and Walgreens, but the individual risk in Idaho is considered low at this time.

That's according to a webpage the State of Idaho has set up to keep it's residents informed about COVID-19 in the Gem State. 36 people have been monitored by Idaho public health. 15 people have been tested for COVID-19 in Idaho and every one of these tests has come back negative. There are currently ZERO confirmed cases in Idaho.

With that said, it's coronavirus is still affecting our day to day routines in the Treasure Valley. Fred Meyer at Franklin and Orchard has signs up near their over the counter medications letting customers know that they are limiting the number of the number of sanitation, cold and flu related products to five each per customer. We've also heard that Costco is limiting the amount of bottled water, disinfectant wipes and toilet paper that members can purchase. Many have the desire to prepare for the virus like it's Snowmageddon has made for a frustrating shopping experience for many who don't share the same level of concern.

Now fear of the virus is affecting your morning coffee. On Wednesday, Starbucks posted an open letter on their website letting people know that part of the way they're managing the COVID-19 situation is by temporarily suspending it's reusable cup program. The program rewards folks that bring in their own mugs or asks for a "for here" mug while dining in with a 10-cent discount. They will still honor that discounts if you bring in your own mug or ask for a "for here" mug, but they will not fill it.

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