If you’re a dog-lover, you’re going to love this sport that’s sweeping the nation and you can take it all in this weekend in Nampa. The Treasure Valley Diving Dogs are back this week and will be competing over at the Idaho Center Auto Mall. According to the website for North American Diving Dogs, the event begins at 9 AM from Monday through Friday and takes place at 5605 E. Gate Blvd in Nampa at Treasure Valley Subaru. The best part? This event is absolutely free.

The event in itself has dogs compete against one another with judges awarding points on each activity.

Now, just because there are dogs scheduled to compete doesn’t mean your furry friend has to be left on the sidelines! According to the page for the event, “Try-Its” will be allowed “as space permits and during Splashes if no competitors are waiting to jump.” The cost for two jumps is just $10 and if you find out your dog is the “Michael Jordan” of dogs, that price could be well worth it! Just imagine finding out that your dog has a hidden talent in diving – you’d both be set!

There are a few rules on the dock if you plan on bringing your dog out which include:

  • No off-leash except when on the dock
  • Pick up after your dog; failure to do so could result in being asked to leave with no refund

The schedule this weekend includes distance jump, air retrieve, and the hydro dash. I would highly recommend bringing chairs out for you and the family to enjoy the event. You can check out more details including details on the Diving Dog Title at the website for North American Diving Dogs.

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