We all have that one e-mail address that we use when a cashier asks "what's a good e-mail address for you?" at check out.  I happened to check that e-mail address over the weekend and it made me really grumpy. 

Constantly tempted by great deals and special offers, I resisted the urge to subscribe to Amazon Prime until last spring.  I was in a pinch with a project at the station and I needed an item for a weekend event, so I caved and finally subscribed to get the free 2-day shipping. I thought it'd be a waste of money to continue my subscription, but I realized how much easier having it made my life!

I run a small crafting business on the side and ordering additional supplies when a customer makes a made-to-order request, it makes getting those supplies to me super easy.  My fiance will also make fun of me for ordering my shampoo and conditioner off of Prime, but I don't care.  I'm a nervous driver as it is and if I can avoid being anywhere near the Flying Y at rush hour, I'm going to. Why would I drive all the way out to the mall when the shampoo and conditioner that I love is the same price (or cheaper, depending on the day) on Amazon and shows up right at my door?  Overall, it's been worth the approximately $100 I spent in subscription fees for Prime last year.

But as we all know, great deals can't last forever.  I happened to check the e-mail address that I use for coupons, bills and subscriptions over the weekend.  Sitting there with that sly little Amazon "smile" on its face, was an e-mail announcing a hike in the price of a month-to-month Prime subscription.  Beginning February 18th, monthly payments rise from $10.99 to $12.99.

The hike might not seem like a lot, but users are not happy about paying an additional $24 a year for the service. Now most of the people complaining about the selection of free movies available through Prime, a benefit that I often forget I even get as a Prime Member.

All in all, I order enough through Amazon that I'll keep my subscription even when the price hike goes into effect. How about you?

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