Trader Joe's Meridian...that sure does have a nice ring to it!

If you know me, you know that I'm stubborn where it comes to where I live. Any time my husband suggests moving out of Southeast Boise, I roll my eyes.  The truth is, I don't want to move more than two miles away from the station so I can sleep in as long as humanly possible.  But lately? I could have a change of heart because I'm spending SO much time in Meridian because they have all the cool stuff that I love: Cyclebar, my favorite movie theater, stores that sell pants that actually fit me right...the truth is, there's a lot of reasons to be jealous of people who live in Meridian.

On the flip side, people in Meridian will tell you they're jealous of people who live near Downtown Boise because we have easy access to Trader Joe's and they don't have one. That might not be the case much longer!

Our friend Don at BoiseDev is like a ninja when it comes to getting his hands on paperwork related to new businesses coming to the Treasure Valley and was able to get a look at a permit with the words "Trader Joe's Meridian" on it!

The permit is connected to a remodel of the Roseaurs building on Eagle that's been empty since late 2017. After the remodel, the space would be broken up into spaces for three new tenants one of which is expected to be Trader Joe's Meridian.

The addition of Trader Joe's to the Gateway Marketplace could help the troubled shopping center rise from the ashes.  After Roseaurs closed, business owners in the plaza saw their business drop by as much of 30%.  The decline in foot traffic eventually lead to neighboring restaurants Pinnacle Sports Grille and Barrel 55 closing within days of each other in May 2018.

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