With Idaho recently being labeled as having the worst housing market in the country, many Idaho residents are staring at a grim future within the Gem State. 

What other housing options are even available?



Renting is quickly becoming just as troublesome, because Idaho’s rental market is equally abysmal.

So if you can’t buy a new home, and you can’t afford to rent one either… What options do we have, besides moving to a different state altogether?


Well, perhaps the answer is: less is more

In 2019, Netflix came out with a television series titled Tiny House Nation, where experts helped families across the country downsize their lifestyles and prepare to live inside tiny homes. 

The results were astonishing, because these homes were not only small and completely different from the typical homes that we’re accustomed to, but they were super cute

It got us thinking… are tiny homes our best option for housing in Boise?

Listed below are photographs of 10 different tiny homes currently available for purchase within the Treasure Valley, and we have to admit, it’s got us thinking that maybe less is more. Many of these offer financing options, and they are surprisingly adorable.

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With Idaho's housing market being among the worst in America, it begs the question: what are our options for affordable housing?

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