70 million people are filling out brackets thinking they're going to win.  Not me!  I'm pretty sure this is a terrible bracket to copy.


I think I watched two or three college basketball games this season, and that was only because I needed something athletic and active to keep me going on the treadmill and football season was over.  But I'm a huge college basketball fan now that the tournament is here!

It's a great time to be a fair-weather fan.

I know very little about who is supposed to win.  I do know that blue teams usually do (Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina....if only Boise State were an option!)  So I applied the philosophy, "When in doubt, pick a blue team."   Another strategy is picking underdogs, or picking schools where you know someone.  Sometimes it's fun just to pick based on cool names, like Iona or Gonzaga.  So I did that.

I have these teams in the Final Four:

Michigan State




And I picked Michigan State to win the whole thing, even though I hope Baylor does because I saw my friend Sarah with a Baylor Bears t-shirt on the other day, and she has six kids including two sets of twins and I want her to have a really fun tournament so she forgets about how tired she is and how much diapers cost.  She needs joys. Go Bears!  I picked a lot of Texas teams because I have ties there.  And Texas teams usually lose in basketball, which doesn't bode well for my bracket.  I picked some good vacation spots too, like Hawaii and...  Well, Hawaii.

Who are you picking?  May you have full bracket confidence!  I sure don't, but I'm in the office pool and that's the perfect excuse to goof off at work on Thursday and Friday.  Who needs confidence.  Good luck!

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