Are you someone who spends more time than you'd like to admit Zillow-surfing homes you could never afford filled with amenities you only dream of having?

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you have a list of luxury amenities you'd add to your dream home if you hit the lottery. According to, some of the amenities that luxury buyers in the United States are looking for the most are game and theater rooms, spa-like bathrooms and indoor-outdoor kitchens/pools. Those are all things are things usually found in million-dollar homes and well...that's just not in your budget right now.


Well, what if we told you there was a way to experience those luxury amenities without having to buy the home?! There is! We stumbled across this Airbnb listing for a "Spacious Luxury Retreat" in Hailey that has one of the most beautiful indoor poos we've ever seen!

It's an expensive stay but if you get the right friends or family members to go in on the cost with you, you can get a feel of what living in one of these luxury homes is really like!

This Incredible Idaho Home Has a Beautiful Indoor Pool and Movie Theater

And it won't cost you millions of dollars to enjoy! It's an Airbnb!

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