Yes, there's a catch but it's one we think you'll appreciate! 

If you have an iPhone do you feel personally attacked on Sunday mornings when it gives you your "Screen Time" report? Right now, I'm averaging an embarrassing three hours, thirty minutes of screen time on my iPhone alone. I'd love to say I'm spending my time analyzing my stats on Strava or relaxing with a game of Slingo Arcade, but Apple is smart. The Screen Time report breaks down exactly how you're spending your screen time and I'm spending to majority of mine on Social Networking sites. I'm doom scrolling COVID-19 content and wasting time reading the comments section. Ugh.

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If you've found yourself doing the same and you were secretly thrilled that the Zoom outage on Monday got you out of a meeting for work or your first day of class, you should look into this dream job! There's a company called that wants to pay someone $1,000 to digitally detox by going camping in an RV at a US National Park over your choice of dates.

The catch? You won't be able to use any technology during the first two days of your trip. No posting photos of your views or your that perfect s'more you roasted over the campfire on Instagram. No tweeting about how your husband thought a squirrel near your camping site was a bear. No tech at all.

You will, however to be allowed to use your mobile hot spot or stop by a location with Wi-Fi on day three to share your experience with the rest of the universe.

They'll pay you $400 upfront and an additional $600 after your trip, as well as reimburse you up to $1000 for your RV rental, food, mobile hot usage and transportation to the campsite.

Do you want a shot at the dream job? If you're at least 25 years old, a legal US resident and licensed to drive, click HERE to apply! They'll pick a winner on September 23!

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