Trying to get your Easter Egg dye the right color is one of the most frustrating parts of Easter! This year, nail it the first time with this chart!

I'm not entirely sure why my parents would waste money on egg dying kits every year when we would inevitably end up trying to change the whatever color the dye tablets produced by adding food coloring. Like clockwork, my sister or I would always dump an egg off the egg dipper and crack we'd give up on it and start using a regular spoon to dip the eggs at the end of the day anyway. All of these shenanigans were really just a big build up to my dad dumping all the dyes in one cup and making his annual hideous brown egg.

Sure, those dye kits that you can pick up at Albertsons, Winco and a zillion other places in the Treasure Valley are great catalysts to family memories but the truth is, you probably already have everything you need to dye eggs colors like Watermelon, Dusty Rose, Teal, Sky Blue or Grape in your cupboard! If you have a bottle of vinegar and McCormick food coloring in red, yellow, green and blue you're set to create some really vibrant, pretty colors...and you don't have to guess how many drops of each color you need anymore!

McCormick actually put together a chart, showing you exactly how many drops you need to add to a half cup of boiling water and one teaspoon of vinegar to get 40 different colors. They say leaving your egg submerged in the dye for five minutes will produce the best results! Check out an example of some of the colors in the post below or click HERE to see the entire chart!

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