Thanks to a wicked winter storm, Christmas 2022 became a flightmare for many families across the Treasure Valley. 

At one point on Friday, Alaska Airlines canceled all of their outbound flights from Seattle and Portland as the two cities tried to recover from an ice storm that left thick sheets coating both planes and runways. Traveling by road wasn’t much better as several parts of I-84 were closed due to the storm.

Even though conditions in Boise were snowy but better, the Boise airport felt the ripple effect of the winter storm that hammered other parts of the country. According to FlightAware, a live flight tracking website, there were 90 delays and 40 canceled flights at the Boise Airport on Friday, December 23. Christmas Eve hasn’t been much better. At press time, there have been 33 delays and 17 cancellations. 

Major Winter Storm Brings Snow, Freezing Temperatures To Big Swath Of U.S.
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Our Christmas plans changed because of these travel nightmares and maybe yours have too. If you’re scrambling to make plans to keep the magic of Christmas alive, we found some places that are open for family fun ON Christmas Day in and around Boise.

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Looking for somewhere to cook you dinner because you didn't go grocery shopping? Keep scrolling past the activity guide to see which restaurants in our area are open on Christmas Day. 

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