It's anything goes.  Burgers topped topped with eggs, whiskey glaze, avocado, and even donuts, are making foodie cities like Boise take notice.

Did we make the list for the best burger spot in the country?

Boise has been on a streak lately, making all the cool lists (like Best Place to Live, and a Top Spot to Retire).  But this is one Top Ten list that has left us out.  Whatever!  We know we've got some creative burger spots here.  Maybe it's ok to keep these hidden treasures to ourselves.

The traveler magazine, Conde Nast, says the top burger city in the country is Oklahoma City, OK.  They have a burger joint there that tops its burgers with BBQ aioli, peanut butter, and Sriracha ketchup, and sometimes they use leek truffle aioli. Sound good?  Those poor things must not have Five Guys.

Other top spots according to Conde Nast are Vegas, Austin, and Milwaukee. Daytona Beach, Florida makes the list because it has a burger joint that shoves the patty between two donuts or waffles instead of a bun.  We'd have to run all the way back home to burn that off.

Let's talk about Idaho.  America Top Ten says these are some of the best burger joints in Idaho.  See if you agree:.

Zip's Drive Inn - Boise

Cheerleaders Sports Bar and Grill - Boise

The Snakebite Restaurant - Idaho Falls

Big Jud's Country Diner - Rexburg

Wheeler's - Nampa

Blazen Burgers - Nampa

Five Guys - Boise

Smashburger - Boise

Ok, now we're all hungry.  Tell us your favorite burger spot on our Facebook page, and why you like it.

We'll have to keep going back again and again, stuffing ourselves silly, to make sure we agree with you.