It appears that 25 percent of us have at least a little redneck in us, according to this Youtube video.  But is Boise on the list of the Top 10 Redneck Cities in Idaho?

They came up with the list compiling things like hunting an fishing spots, RV parks, barbecue joints, and a close proximity to the Walmart.  I don't think we made the list, but then I was so captivated at the time by my issue of Cosmo, my martini, and shopping online for some new Manolos that I could have missed it.  Ha.  (Just playin...I too can spit watermelon seeds with the best of 'em.)

The most redneck city they say is Salmon, "located about six beers northwest of Idaho Falls."  And we love it.  Congrats also to Homedale, Ponderay, and Orofino. Sounds like a good road trip to me.