For an architect with big ideas, a piece of real estate like this is a dream come true! 

Jolena Overland/CENTURY 21 RiverStone
Jolena Overland/CENTURY 21 RiverStone

In most parts of the world, churches are some of the most beautiful architecture you can find. Cathedral ceilings. Stained glass. Large spaces. Churches in Idaho are no exception to that rule. Unfortunately, not all of them survive as houses of worship.

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We’re not exactly sure why some of the historic churches in Idaho, many of which were built in the early 1900s, fell out of use. All we know is that when they end up on the market, they could be destined for a unique future. The church located at 1723 W Eastman in Boise’s North End is a perfect example. Public records show that it was owned by Christ’s New Covenant Church from 2008-2019. It hit the market sometime in 2018. Whoever purchased it transformed it into an incredible $2.25 million home. The photos from when it was on the market after being renovated into a single family home are a perfect example of the potential hiding in Idaho’s other abandoned churches. 

110 Year Old Boise Church Converted Into Beautiful $2.25 Million Home


Impressive, right? Seeing how much that Boise home sold for has your wheels spinning. Could investing into an old church and flipping it be one of the best decisions you ever made? If you’re lucky enough to have that sort of disposable income, the opportunity is certainly out there! 

There are at least four churches on the market across the state of Idaho right now. One of them has already been converted into a home, but we think that house has more to give. The basement is unfinished and could become something stunning! 

Here’s a look at all four of the churches currently on the market in Idaho. All four of them cost less than the median listing in Ada County. 

Have You Ever Wanted to Live in a Church? See Inside Four for Sale in Idaho

Can these four churches for sale become as beautiful as the one that got remodeled into a $2.25 Million home in Boise's North End? With the right investor, they just might!

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