First and foremost, the number on the jersey should match the body type, according to the experts.

Petite girls who are fans of the Seahawks' Bobby Wagner might argue, but if you're going to wear #54, that big wide number is going to look best on a big muscular guy. Agree?  

If you're a fan you're a fan.  So if you want to toss out that rule feel free, but some of these other ones might make you say Amen.

I ran across a Jersey Rules 101 article that lists things like these:

--There is a time and a place for jerseys.  Games, bars, cookouts, and inside your own home have green lights for jerseys.  First dates should be jersey free.

--Be smart about which player you're buying.  Sometimes ex-players end up in unflattering situations and you might not want to be wearing their number thinking you're doing a good thing supporting the team.  Just because it's on sale doesn't make it a great choice.

I think we're safe with Russell Wilson's #3, ladies.  Although a 1 might make us look thinner, a 3 is a low enough number that we can be adorable, and Russell Wilson is cute and stays out of trouble.  Just don't wear it on a first date guys!

The Seahawks open the season against the Dolphins this Sunday afternoon, so there's still time to go shopping.

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