So, you're planning on lining up before the gates open this weekend at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale so that you can be one of the first people on the lot.  You're looking for a treasure that could make you rich, but you're not sure exactly what that treasure is. 

It's not TY Beanie Babies, I'll tell you that. I've got tubs of them that are absolutely worthless, but yet I find myself buying more at the garage sale every year.  All these years late, their beady little eyes still stare at me and I can't resist giving them a new home. One of the original ones I had (Scoop the Pelican) is selling for a whopping $.99 on eBay right now, so I know I'm not getting rich quick off these.

But what should you be looking for at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale that could make you some serious cash if you resell it? This is going to sound crazy, but you should be looking for old ticket stubs and ticket passes! Don't believe me? Check this out!


Credit: bostonsportscollect-jim via eBay

Long before the Boise Hawks were the Treasure Valley's minor league baseball team, there was a team called the Boise A's who played in the Northwest League for two seasons in the mid-1970s.  During their first season, there was a player named Rickey Henderson who was fresh out of high school.  He played in 46 games and stole 26 bases during the first A's season.  He went on to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009.  This ticket pass got James A. Campbell and his party in to every game played in Boise that year.

Credit: irishhosta via eBay

It seems weird to hear the words Potato Bowl and then see a venue that isn't Albertsons Stadium listed on the ticket.  In December 1954, Boise State was still known as Boise Junior College and traveled to Griffith Field in Bakersfield, California to take on Compton Junior College.  Led by legendary Bronco Coach, Lyle Smith, the Broncos lost that game 6-7. Despite the loss, you could make some money off a ticket to this game if your parents or grandparents went to the game and stashed away their ticket somewhere!

Credit: umbluefan via eBay

It was heart breaking to see how many people blame Kyle Brotzman for BSU's 2010 loss against Nevada, when just 11 months earlier he was a hero in this game!  He was a huge part of one of Boise State's trick plays known as "The Riddler." During a fake punt, he threw a 30 yard pass to save the Broncos from turning over the ball on fourth down at their own 33.  That pass kept the drive alive, enabling Doug Martin to eventually go for the game winning touchdown. Did you get a ticket but couldn't make the trip to Glendale for the game? That unused ticket could make you some cash on eBay!

Small but Quick Cash

Not all ticket stubs are created equal, but some sellers have ticket stubs up for concerts at BSU up for sale too.  A ticket from a 1982 Rush show at BSU Pavilion (now Taco Bell Arena) is on there for $74.95 and an REO Speedwagon ticket for a 1985 concert at the same venue is going for $12.99. You can even make $5-$12 on more recent BSU games like the 2012 Michigan State game or 2007 Washington game.