The Boise area and most of Idaho for that matter is still experiencing a labor shortage. It feels like you cant go anywhere without seeing a help wanted sign. There have been numerous job and carrier fairs over just the past week in the Treasure Valley as businesses and organizations try to fill positions. A few weeks ago I wrote an article showcasing the highest paying jobs that you don't need a college degree for.

So how do you know if it is worth looking into a possible new career path. Well for starters, if you are not happy at your job and dread going to work each day, it is worth exploring. Also if your career field is on this list, know that there are higher paying jobs available. In fact, there are almost 5,000 job openings that pay $50k or more a year in Boise, read more about that here.

Using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  Stacker compiled the lowest paying jobs in Boise. Boise's annual mean wage is $49,010. The lowest-paying job on this list earns less than half of that, $20,770. It is also safe to say that since this data was collected there has been an increase in wage offerings over the last few months in Boise due to the labor shortage.

#20. Waiters and waitresses - Average annual salary: $25,670

#19. Library assistants, clerical - Average annual salary: $25,530

#18. Parking attendants - Average annual salary: $25,420
#17. Maids and housekeeping cleaners - Average annual salary: $24,670
#16. Food servers, nonrestaurant - Average annual salary: $24,520
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#15. Graders and sorters, agricultural products - Average annual salary: $24,460
#14. Food preparation workers - Average annual salary: $24,250
#13. Legislators - Average annual salary: $23,780
#12. Substitute teachers, short-term - Average annual salary: $23,660
#11. Amusement and recreation attendants - Average annual salary: $23,570
#10. Dishwashers - Average annual salary: $22,970
#9. Lifeguards, ski patrol, etc. - Average annual  salary: $22,960
#8. Dining room and cafeteria attendants, bartender helpers - Average annual salary: $22,940
#7. Animal caretakers - Average annual salary: $22,700
#6. Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop - Average annual salary: $22,520
#5. Demonstrators and product promoters - Average annual salary: $22,120
#4. Cooks, fast food - Average annual salary: $21,890
#3. Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks - Average annual salary: $21,390
#2. Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers - Average annual salary: $21,340
#1. Fast food and counter workers - Average annual salary: $20,770

Stacker has a full top 50 list that you can check out here. 


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