I'll always remember the first time they said "Mama," and I'll always remember the first time they called me "Bruh." One makes more sense than the other.

Oh, parents, I know you're getting this too.  Somehow the word "Bro" has jumped the conversation fence and instead of two dudes using it to refer to each other because they're buds, Bro can apply to friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, moms, dads, cats, dogs, and probably any person other than a teacher or police officer.  I don't really know how to react.

Part of me is flattered that the kids think of me on the Bro level, and when they go one step further and call me Bruh, that's like the highest compliment ever.  I am cool.  At least until the moment that I start feeling awkward because I've realized that they call everyone Bro and I might as well a random gamer on Roblox.  Cringe.

The Urban Dictionary has one definition that says a Bro is a "homie for life."  So in that sense, yes, parents are Bros.  But only kids can say it, and if parents say it back it becomes weird.

Add this to the list of parental surprises, and things you cannot prepare for.


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