If you're paying attention to the way too early bowl game projections, this could be a very, very big year! 

My husband was reading the projections on Sunday evening while we were at dinner and I couldn't help but blurt out "how can they possibly make those predictions after TWO games?" Right now there are two games that the Broncos could possibly find themselves in: The Las Vegas Bowl or Cotton Bowl. I guess, the joke's on me because there's an Uber driver who told my friend that he picked up the Cotton Bowl representative and drove him to the BSU vs Marshall Game last week.

Where will your #22 Broncos end up in the rankings and projections after this weekend's game? It all depends on if we can take down the Portland State Vikings! Want to go to the game?

Be listening Thursday morning around 7:40 to play a game we like to call "The Gambler." This game takes 0 skill to win. You just need to keep calling 208-383-1079 over and over again.  Contestants will have a chance to "gamble" on how the next caller will answer my question.  If the contestant gets three responses in a row correct, they win the tickets. Easy, right?!

It was for Christian! Check out his big win for BSU tickets on the Gambler last week!

Set yourself a reminder to be listening tomorrow morning around 7:40 and get that number stored in your cell phone now, 208-383-1079.

BTW if you can't go to the game, kickoff is at 8:15 p.m. and the game is on ESPN 2!

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