Dairy Queen is launching its new flavor of the month and it will totally give the Shamrock Shake a run for its money.  

If you like those Girl Scout Thin Mints right out of the freezer, this will be like that on a spoon. Only creamier.

Dairy Queen is launching its new Oreo Mint Blizzard this month just in time for St. Patrick's Day, and it sounds so good we won't even care if it makes us shiver.  Cold ice cream in cold weather, AND it's minty so that will send an extra shot of cold into the back of our throats and it will be refreshing and perfect.  With Fat Tuesday and St. Patrick's Day in the same month, it's only right to be festive and eat green in March.

Delish says, "DQ has the mint flavor down to where it doesn't taste like you're eating a spoonful of really cold toothpaste, and the Oreos mixed in are a perfect crunch."

Nampa, Meridian, and Boise DQ's might also carry the new Mint Shake that's made with mint syrup, milk, and creamy DQ vanilla soft serve, which sounds a whole lot like the McDonald's Shamrock Shake.  We'll have to try both over and over again in the name of research.  Just comparing the minty nuances, that's all.  We might even sneak some Girl Scout Thin Mints into the DQ to crumble them on top.

These are the Boise DQ Grill and Chill locations for the next time you feel the craving:




Too cold for ice cream?  No.  Still no.  We'll eat it by the fire or something.

If you love the cold chocolate mint flavor, this is your month.

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