Meet our newest family members!  We have six baby chicks living in our bathroom until they get their big girl feathers and can go outside.  This morning, Abbot the Cat ended up in their little abode, obviously just to say Hi and welcome them to the family.  All survived the meeting.

We got our little girls from D & B Supply and Zamzows.  Evidently, they are all good layers which is good because my sons eat a lot of eggs!

Thank you Gretchen Anderson for inspiring me and my family.  In the last year we've started a huge organic garden in the backyard and now, chickens!  I want to know where my food comes from and how it's grown.  It makes a huge difference.

There's only one problem with this as far as I can see, when the chickens stop laying eggs, I won't eat them!  They are our pets now and part of the family!  The journey starts now and I'll keep you up to date on their progress.  If you have any tips or suggestions, feel free to share!

Make it a healthy day!



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