This is eggzactly the kind of crime that makes you wonder how some people function on a daily basis.

Everything you're about to read is 100% true. It's honestly too stupid to even make up. A man in Idaho Falls was arrested this week after smashing an egg over his head and then rubbing the remnants onto a coffee shop window. We told you it's ridiculous. Bonus: His mugshot is the stuff of legend.

32-year-old Jacob Baker was discovered in Idaho Falls banging his head against a coffee shop window, again splattering egg goo all over the glass. Before that, onlookers say he was playing hopscotch in the street and holding up traffic. This is the fifth time police have responded to calls about Baker being a general nuisance to society in the past month. On one of those calls he was arrested and fined $257 dollars, but apparently, he didn't learn his lesson.

Well, guess the yokes on him, because as of Tuesday he's being held in jail in Bonneville County.

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