Um, I may know a couple of these people!

I live by the motto "life is always more fun in costume" which is why I cannot wait until the Wizard World Comic Con happening at the Boise Centre July 13-15!  There are some BIG celebrity guests on the line-up for Wizard World's first trip to the Treasure Valley including William Shatner (Star Trek,) Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy,) Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie,) Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers,) and Animal (WWF.) Buy a photo-op, autograph or VIP package and you'll definitely have a chance to meet them.  Chances are you'll run into a few of these people too.

1) The Cosplayer Who's Costume Is So Good That It's Just Not Fair

Daniel Boczarskim Getty Images for Wizard World

I'm still embarrassed to admit this out loud, but the year that Suicide Squad hit theaters, I spend over $216 on my Harley Quinn costume because I didn't want to look like every other Harley who picked their costume up at a Spirit of Halloween store.  And then I spent an additional $60 to have my make-up done.  I thought my costume was pretty legit looking, but you're going to run into some people that spent a zillion hours and who knows how much money making sure that their costumes look exactly like the ones from a movie or comic book they based it on.  Those people make me sick...and I really want to take photos with all of them!

2) The Gamer

Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images for Wizard World

How do you notice if you've stumbled upon one of these? They're one of the uncostumed folks, sitting in almost complete silence in a trance in front of computer monitors.  The only time they move or cause a ruckus is after winning a battle.  Gears of War? Overwatch? No thanks.  Mario Kart 64 and the original N64 version Super Smash Brothers are more my speed...I'll just move along.

3) The Partner Who Was Forced to Go Against Their Own Will

Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images for Wizard World

...and one of them might be my fiance.  He grew up on comic books and superheroes, so I'm befuddled as to why he isn't as in to Comic Cons as I am.  He spent some silly amount of money on a Joker costume the year I went as Harley Quinn, so might as well re-use it once, right? I'm still holding out hope that he'll dress up with me next weekend and embrace my inner nerd for at least one day of Wizard World. If he does, don't expect him to be the one jumping up and down when he comes across some collectible he remembers from his childhood. I'll be the overgrown child there.

4) The Parent Who Actually Came for Themselves

Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images for Wizard World

You'll notice these because a small human who looks an awful like them sitting on the floor somewhere near one of the booths looking absolutely bored out of their skulls. Even though a lot of the line-up at the year's Wizard World leans nostalgic with some of the original Star Trek characters and one of the Power Rangers that I grew up with, some adults are still to embarrassed to admit that THEY were the ones who wanted to come to Comic Con.  They bring their kids, insisting it was the little's idea. This is indeed a lie.

5) The Person With The Costume You Just Can't Figure Out

Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images for Wizard World

There will be 500 people dressed up as Deadpool...or Spiderman...or Storm Troopers...and you know what? I appreciate these people. Why? Because they don't make my brain hurt.  It's very obvious what they're dressed up as. But this guy? Seriously...what is this? I have no idea. And I'll probably waste at least one day of Wizard World trying to figure out costumes like his!